Gocon houten kisten

Wooden crates - West Flanders

  Wooden crates from Gocon in West Flanders. Perfect for storing potatoes, vegetables and fruit!   We adapt the manufacture of your wooden crates according to the type of vegetable and the ventilation system in storage. The wood is dried according to the ISPM 15 standard and planed. Impregnation is also possible. The standard type of wood is pine or spruce. If desired, we can use larch wood (or another hardwood) for the pallet. This is to increase the durability of the crate.   Types of ventilation:  
  • Standard ventilation: ventilation throughout the crate
  • Suction wall ventilation: gaps in the front and back different from the gaps in the sides; plywood slat on the side.
  • One-layer ventilation: boards all around with tongue and groove, gaps in top of pallet and 25 mm opening above the sides
Types of connections joining the cover to the pallet:
  • Meranti plywood WBP or concrete plywood: plywood with epoxy top layer. This top coat ensures a hard-wearing and waterproof finish.
  • Corner anchorage / bracket connection (galvanised and milled)
  • Nut-bolt connection: the vertical beams run downwards and are connected to the horizontal beams in the pallet by a wooden bolt and nut.