Gocon houten kisten

Gocon wooden crates

GOCON, located in West Flanders, distributes solid wooden crates especially for vegetables, fruit, onions and potatoes! The use of crates is on the rise. Alongside this, producers are increasingly specialising in one or more areas. For each specialisation there are specific crates. Besides the type of vegetable, the ventilation system also plays a role in the construction of the crate. More about us

Our products

As a business specialising in wooden crates, we supply wooden crates in various sizes for the storage of (seed) potatoes, onions, chicory roots, carrots, celeriac, red and white cabbage, grass seed, apples and pears. Crates are also custom made for the construction industry and frozen vegetable sector. View all our products

Wood for repairs

We also supply wood for repairing purposes: dried spruce or pine wood, dried larch wood, beech wood and complete pallets made to measure for repairing your crates. For the crates with one-layer ventilation we also offer foam rubbers to seal the last row of crates.

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